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Hobgoblin - Spider-Man MOC Action Figure

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A criminal mastermind bent on Spider-Man's destruction, the Hobgoblin employs an eerie arsenal to carry out his malevolent schemes.  Hurling pumpkin bombs and razor-sharp bats from his jet glider, the Hobgoblin has Spider-Man constantly on his guard.

Your  collection is not complete without this figure!!!

Name: Hobgoblin - Spider-Man MOC Action Figure
Size: 6 inch 
Manufactured by: Toy Biz
Date: 1997
Card Condition : Mostly Flat and Glossy.  The bottom left corner is curled backwards slightly.  
Bubble Condition: Clear and intact and still retains it's perfect shape.  There is some of the normal plastic scratching and scuffing.     
Misc Info:  With Hurling Pumpkin Bomb Action and Goblin Glider.

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