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Bane - DC Universe Justice League Unlimited Bane MOC action figure

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Bane was a South American hit man that developed a compound called 'venom' that increased his strength to incredible heights.  Hired by Gotham City gangsters to get rid of their 'bat' problem, broke Batman's back.  Eventually defeated by Batman, Bane has risen over and over again to menace the Dark Knight.

This is a Matty Collector Subscription Club Exclusive figure.

No collection is complete without this figure!!!!!

Name: Bane
Size: 4 inch 
Manufactured by: Mattel
Date: 2009
Card Condition: Flat and glossy.  
Bubble Condition: Sparkling clear and intact with it's perfect shape. There is very little of the typical plastic scratching and scuffing.  
Misc Info:  Club Exclusive.

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