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Archangel II - X-Men MOC Action Figure 2

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As the high-flying Angel, Warren Worthington III was one of the original members of the X-Men.  Years later, Worthington's real wings were dissected, replaced with razor sharp wings of steel, and he was transformed into Archangel, one of the four Horseman of Apocalypse.  Now, having fought against the conditioning that tainted and turned him into a living weapon, Archangel has embraced his humanity and strives to regain the purity that once surrounded him.

Your  collection is not complete without this figure!!!

Name: Archangel II - X-Men MOC Action Figure
Size: 5 inch 
Manufactured by: Toy Biz
Date: 1995
Card Condition : Mostly Flat and Glossy.  The right and left edges have a slight backwards curl.  The bottom left corner is bent.
Bubble Condition: Clear and intact with it's perfect shape.  There is very little of the normal plastic scratching and scuffing.                                                                                                          
Misc Info:  With Wing-Flapping Action

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