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Blob - X-Men X-Force MOC Action Figure



Who can stop the overweight menace of the Blob?  Covered by oozing layers of fat, this evil mutant can increase his own obese mass with but a thought.  When the practically immovable Blob stands his ground, you might as well try to move a mountain.

Your  collection is not complete without this figure!!!

Name: Blob - X-Men X-Force MOC Action Figure
Size: 5 inch 
Manufactured by: Toy Biz
Date: 1995
Card Condition : Flat and Glossy.  The bottom corners are a little rough.  The edgess have tiny dings.
Bubble Condition: Clear and intact with it's perfect shape, except for a tiny crinkle in the top left corner.  There is some of the normal plastic scratching and scuffing. 
Misc Info:  With Rubber Blubber Belly.

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