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Monsieur Mallah & The Brain DC Universe Club Infinite Earths Signature Collection Exclusive MIB Action Figures

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The super-intelligent, Monsieur Mullah, is the product of a French scientist raising the IQ of a gorilla to the genius level of 178. The gorilla was only taught to read and write, but he eventually gained a thorough understanding of the fields of science and medicine.  So much so that when his creator was killed, he was able to remove his brain and transfer it to an expansive computer network, thus creating the villain simply known as The Brain.  The two soon went on to form the infamous Brotherhood of Evil, with the singular focus of conquering the world.

This item is part of the exclusive Signature Collection available only from Matty Collector website subscription.

No collection is complete without this figure!!!!!

Name: Monsieur Mullah 
Size: 8 inch 
Manufactured by: Mattel 
Date: 2013 
Box Condition: Square and glossy.  
Window Condition: Clear and intact with it's perfect shape. There is the typical plastic scratching and scuffing. 
Misc. Info: Includes The Brain figure and an attack rifle.  Comes in a protective box.

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