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Phoenix - X-Men MOC Action Figure 3



The embodiment of the life force of the universe itself, the mysterious Phoenix Entity merged with the telekinetic X-Man named Jean Grey, transforming her into Phoenix!  As Phoenix, Jean possessed nearly unlimited telepathic and telekinetic abilities, but the scope of her powers overwhelmed, corrupted and eventually consumed her. But, in the manner of her namesake, Jean later rose from the ashes of her demise, alive once again!

Your  collection is not complete without this figure!!!

Name: Phoenix - X-Men MOC Action Figure
Size: 5 inch 
Manufactured by: Toy Biz
Date: 1995
Card Condition : Flat and Glossy long card.  The top left corner has slight backwards curl.  The bottom left corner is bent.  The bottom right corner is bent and rough.
Bubble Condition: It has a yellowish tint but is intact.  There is very little of the normal plastic scratching and scuffing. 
Misc Info:  With Fiery Phoenix Power.  Part of the Phoenix Saga Series.  On long card.

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